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The Ancestral Temple Stele of the Yen Clan

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01080-1 01080-2


Made by Yen Chen-ch'ing for his father Yen Wei-chen, this stele describes the generations that preceded Yen Wei-chen, the family experience in government service, and the scholarship and career of Yen's offspring. Composed and written by Yen Chen-ch'ing at seventy-two years of age, this is a representative piece of Yen's calligraphy. As the tablet is inscribed on all four sides, it is also called a "four sided tablet."


A.D.780,T'ang dynasty


Gross height 274.0,gross width 154.0 cm.


Excavated in Hsi-an,Shansi.The original stone is now kept in the Xi'an Forest of Stone Tablets Museum