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Ch'un-ch'iu chi-chuan pien-i with Handwritten Preface by Chu I-tsun

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Edition:Early Final Draft Manuscript


According to Chu I-tsun (Ch'ing Dynasty), this work is an early version of the final manuscript of Li Chi-fêng's Ch'un-ch'iu chi-chuan pien-i.
Li Chi-fêng's style name was Hui-shêng and he was originally from Shan-hai-wei. According to Chi-fu t'ung-chih (A Record of Ancient Cities Near the Capital), Li Chi-fêng: " fully understood the classics and was especially knowledgeable of the Spring and Autumn Annals. He collected early Confucianist annotations, deciphering them and performing careful examinations. In a thirty year period, he completed four different draft revisions and finally finished his work: Ch'un-ch'iu chi-chuan pien-i.”