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The Ruins of Yin (Late 14th century – Mid 11th century BC)

Lu Fang-ting (Bronze Square Cauldron with a Deer Emblem)

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Unearthed together with the Niu Fan-ting, this cauldron is similar in type, but smaller in size. The main decoration on each of the sides is a deer head with a standing bird on each side. A band of k’uei-dragon patterns appears on the upper and lower parts of the vessel. The inscription cast on the bottom of the vessel is a pictographic character for "deer.


Late 14th-mid 11th century B.C.


Height 60.9, length 51.4, width 37.4 cm, weight 60.4 kg.


Royal Tomb M1004, Hsi-pei-kang, Anyang, Honan