Research on History of Medicine in China in the Last Five Years



In the five years since 1999, progress has been made, more or less, in the research works in medical history in China, including history of TCM, history of western medicine, history of integrated Chinese and western medicine, history of medicine of Chinese minorities, history of medicine of foreign countries, history of medical exchanges between China and other countries, and history of comparative medical history. Among others, the number of articles on history of diseases,  history of specific medical disciplines, modern medical history, medical biographies, medical works, contemporary medical history, and history of medical culture, have increased dramatically. In the field of history of diseases, the papers deal with diseases in gynecology and obstetrics, plague, lanhousha(scarlet fever), and nephritis; articles in the field of specific disciplines deal with history of acu-moxibustion, history of prescription-forms, and history of gynecology, endoscopic surgery, and evidence-based medicine. There are even distinguished papers appeared in these aspects.  In the aspect of modern medical history, there are papers deal with the development of TCM, the introduction of western medicine into China, with some specific researches in these fields.  Medical biographies include Tan Yun-xian, Quan Shao-qing, Du Chong-ming, etc. Papers on medical works deal with the ancient unearthed literatures lost yet spread abroad, medical classics, canons on material medica, cold-pathogenic diseases, and formularies. While papers on history of medical culture discuss basically the influence of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and I-discipline on Chinese medicine. During this five years, 300 original articles have published in The Chinese journal of Medical History, with another 200 papers published in Chinese journals on other fields. Forty monographs have been published, among them, important ones include A General History of Chinese Medicine, Modern history of TCM, The Historical Development of Acupuncture, A General History of Tibetan Medicine. For the coming years, the stress points should be laid on the research on history of diseases, history of specific medical disciplines, and some specific academic topics. In addition, the weak points in the research fields of theoretical problems in studies of medical history, medical history of Chinese minorities, medical history of communication between China and foreign countries, comparative study on medical history , and the study on history of medical culture should also be regarded and strengthened continually.


Key Words   China; History of medicine; Research; Summary